We're a USCA and DVG affiliated club

The only club in the North Bay with USCA and DVG dual affiliation! We welcome all breeds and levels of experience. 

Nor Cal Working Dog Club offers weekly IPO obedience and protection training in  Dixon, CA. We host multiple trials each year - offering opportunities to trial and help to train for everything from your first BH, to an FH2 or national level competition. Our club includes German Shepherds, Malinois, Dobermans and Dutch Shepherds. Training is fair, clear and aims for motivated, engaged dogs who show the best they can.


Nor Cal Working Dog Club offers a unique style of training.  A handler/dog team have the availability to work multiple times per visit and to choose obedience, protection or a combination. This allows the team to work on isolated items with each subsequent session.  Although each training session is individualized to each team; all club members and visitors are encouraged to watch and ask questions on the field during training sessions, almost like a mini seminar!