Nor Cal
Working Dog

Together as One, the dog and handler work as a team. Nor Cal Working Dog club is dedicated to the ongoing and preservation of working dog sports. We are committed to our members to provide the support and tools necessary to achieve success.

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Training With us

We train every Saturday In Dixon, California  for IPO  Protection and Obedience.    Tim Cutter is the helper and coach for all our IPO training. He offers top level obedience and protection training, as well as tracking seminars.   We also provide RH and nosework training in Kelseyville, California 

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What is IPO?


IPO, formerly Schutzhund, is the triathlon of dog sports. It tests a dog's courage, power, speed, focus, control, accuracy and relationship with the handler. IPO includes three phases - obedience, protection and tracking. Perfecting all three requires an incredible balance of emotions, clear training, and a happy, motivated dog and handler.

Want to learn more? Check out http://www.myschutzhundlife.com

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Upcoming Events









April 27-28, 2019

We will be offering IPO & RH Titles

IPO in Dixon, CA and RH in Kelseyville, CA